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The DIVE Accounting team consists of young motivated specialists in the accounting services and commercial law. Our aim is to offer our customers quality services at affordable prices. In order to build a successful business partnership, in our practice we strive to sustain a constant and timely communication with our customers and build mutual trust. We strongly beleive, that this is the key to success in every endevour. With us, you will not only find a conscientious partner, but also a reliable consultant and counsellor on all topics, regarding the successful development of your business in Bulgaria. We offer individual approach to every customer and we guarantee professional quality in carrying out every task, flexibility and innovative thinking in every aspect of our mutual work.

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Our mission is to provide our customers with quality accounting services, as well as timely consulting services and solutions for the successful development of their business. The success of DIVE Accounting is in the prosperity of our clients.


We, the team at DIVE Accounting, are proud to have rich professional expirience in the areas of accounting and taxation consulting, combined with innovative approach, to achieve the business goals of our customers. By partnering with us you will find a conscientious partner, with values such as:

  • professionalism and attention to detail in carrying out activities for our customers;
  • propriety, loyalty and full confidentiality;
  • effective accounting and taxation solutions for achieving the business strategy goals of our customers;
  • maximum protection for the interests of our customers;
  • haste and efficiency in the services we provide;
  • personal approach towards each customer;
  • ambition to excel in our mutual work.
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